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How To Get Sehat Insaf Card? Easy Steps To Apply

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa initiated a program called Sehat Sahulat Program. The main objective of this program was to provide health insurance to every family of KPK.

However, after the expansion, there are some more areas covered under this program, including Punjab, Gilgit, and Kashmir. We have brought this guide on how to get Sehat Insaf Card so that it becomes easier for you to understand things.

How To Get Sehat Insaf Card

In this article, you will find all the necessary information about the Sehat Insaf Card. For instance, how to get it, who is eligible, and what are the benefits of it, etc.

Sehat Sahulat Program

Although, before the expansion of this program, only 40% population of the KP was getting benefits of Sehat Insaf Card. But now every eligible candidate all around the country can get free treatment of up to PKR 1 Million.

The designated hospitals under this program include both, private and public hospitals. These empaneled hospitals will be providing free treatment to needy people.

There is an agreement signed between the government and State Life Insurance Corporation. It shows that the government has to pay Rs. 2849 per family to State Life Insurance annually.

Benefits of Sehat Sahulat Program

All the eligible people will get free-of-cost hospitalization, emergency services, injuries, maternity services, free follow-ups, and consultancy, under the umbrella of the Sehat Sahulat Program.

Furthermore, some major diseases will also be covered in this program. For example, cardiovascular diseases, Kidney Diseases, diabetes, etc.

How to get Sehat Insaf Card?

There is not any special procedure to apply and get this card. You can simply get this health card using your original NIC at the designated card distribution centers.

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Who is eligible for Sehat Insaf Card?

Although everyone who is earning less than $2/day, and living in Punjab, KPK, GB, AJK, and District Tharparker is eligible for this program. But you can also check your eligibility via your NIC number. However, there are two ways to check the eligibility for Sehat Insaf Card.

One is to check through the website and second is via SMS.

Website method:

  1. To check availability through the website, click here.
  2. On this page, enter your NIC number (without dashes).
  3. Next, enter the captcha code.
  4. Finally, click on check eligibility.

After clicking on the button, you will see if you are eligible for it or not.

SMS Method:

  1. Create a new message.
  2. Type your NIC number in the message.
  3. After writing the number, send it to 8500

Subsequently, you will receive the information about your eligibility.

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How to use Sehat Insaf Card

Accordingly, everyone having the Sehat Sahulat Card can use it at the designated hospitals. To avail of the services, follow the instructions.

  • Visit any designated hospital.
  • Head to the dedicated SSP counter.
  • Hand over your NIC to the representative. They will check your eligibility and guide to further.

Final words

This is a complete guide on how to get Sehat Insaf Card. Yet, if you have any confusion, you can contact the Sehat Sahulat Program toll-free number 0800-89898.

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