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How To Use Free Facebook In Pakistan

The CEO of Facebook inc. Mark Zuckerberg announced the provision of free Facebook access for the people of Pakistan. This means you can access Facebook without consuming your mobile data. Facebook’s owner called this initiative “another step towards connecting the world.”

How To Use Free Facebook In Pakistan

Internet.org is the latest Facebook enterprise that aims to provide free internet access to the people of developing countries. However, before Pakistan, this was successfully implemented in India and Bangladesh.

How To Use Free Facebook In Pakistan

Here you will learn how to use free Facebook in Pakistan on any of the four telecommunication companies operating in the country and the free mode of Facebook.

1. Free Mode

The free mode of Facebook allows you to post statuses, like, comment, chat, and send friend requests. However, the free mode does not allow the users to see the pictures or videos.

2. Free Facebook with Zong

To facilitate its customers, Zong in collaboration with Facebook introduced a new feature called Facebook Flex. Therefore, using this feature the Zong users can now use Facebook free of cost. Facebook Flex allows the users to switch between data mode and free mode. Hence, they can easily toggle between these modes whenever they want.

Free Facebook with Zong

Zong Facebook Packages

Below are the few packages announced by Zong only for using Facebook.

Free Facebook (Data mode): If you make a new account on Facebook with your Zong number, you can use Facebook free of cost for the next 14 days.

Daily Facebook Offer: Enjoy 500 MBs of Facebook for just Rs. 5 only. To subscribe to this bundle simply dial *32# from your mobile.

Monthly Facebook Offer: You can enjoy 6000 MBs of Facebook for just Rs. 100 for throughout the month. Simply dial *250# to subscribe.

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3. Free Facebook with Jazz

Jazz customers can also use Facebook without being charged. Now you can easily communicate, use textual posts, and you can also use other similarly useful websites free of cost with Jazz. Furthermore, you can always toggle between the free mode and data mode by flicking the toggle on the top right corner of your Facebook feed.

Jazz Facebook Packages

Below are the Mobilink Jazz packages for using Facebook.

Monthly Social: By using this package you can have 5000 MBs of Facebook data throughout the month in just Rs. 99. As its name shows you can use other social platforms like WhatsApp and IMO as well. Dial *661# to subscribe to this package.

Karachi Monthly Facebook Offer: This offer is only for the citizens of Karachi. You can get 5000 MBs of Facebook for 30 days. Dial *532# to subscribe for this Facebook package from your Warid / Jazz number.

4. Free Facebook with Ufone

Ufone and Facebook bring you the facility of using Facebook on your Ufone Sim free of cost. Besides, there are no subscription charges for this offer. Hence, you can enjoy free Facebook at any time if you are a customer of Ufone. Subscription to this offer is upon selecting the Free Facebook option by the user.

Use free Facebook anywhere

Ufone Facebook Packages

Social Daily: Get 100 MBs of Facebook in just Rs. 6 daily. You can dial *4422# to subscribe to this Facebook package from Ufone.

Social Monthly: If you want a package for the whole month then this package is good for you. You can get 1000 MBs of Facebook in just Rs. 60. Simply dial *5858# to subscribe to this package.

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5. Free Facebook with Telenor

Internet.org is now available for the users of Telenor in Pakistan. With this feature now you can use a large number of websites including Facebook free of cost.

Subscription Method: No subscription is required. All you need to do is go to 0.freebasics.com using your Telenor data. There you will find a list of websites you can access free of cost.

Telenor Facebook Packages

Following are the Facebook Packages offered by Telenor.

Daily Social Pack: Get 50 MBs of Facebook in just 1.5 Rupees daily. Dial *311# from your phone to subscribe to this package.

Monthly Social Pack: 3000 MBs of Facebook and WhatsApp in just Rs. 44.5. The code to subscribe to this package is *911#.

Monthly Social Pack plus: Now you can get 5000 MBs of Facebook and WhatsApp in just 75 Rupees. Dial *660# for a quick subscription.

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