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How To Track TCS Parcel? TCS Tracking Online

TCS is one of the most efficient courier services in Pakistan. It helps you to ship parcels across Pakistan to your friends and family or it can be any professional object. TCS is trusted by people because of it’s fast and efficient service. Still, there are some queries in the shipment process and to avoid these queries TCS has introduced a courier tracking service.

In this article, we are going to learn how you can get your TCS tracking information.

TCS Tracking Number

When you confirm a package for shipping, you will get your tracking number. This tracking number is written on the slip provided by the TCS when you confirm shipment, it is written below the QR code.

This tracking number can be used to check the status of your package. This is also called the tracking ID.

How to track TCS packages?

TCS Tracking

There are multiple ways to track TCS packages. You can get TCS contact services from the TCS website. You can get tracking information by email or their contact numbers provided on their website. Let’s discuss the ways to track a TCS package.

1. TCS Tracking Online

  • If you want to track the TCS Parcel online, please open this website (https://www.tcsexpress.com/home)
  • Simply type the tracking number and click on the Track button. You will get your desired results on your screen.

Furthermore, if you are a permanent user of TCS, then you can create your account on their website to get notifications of every parcel in your email address.

After account creation, open the TCS official website and log in with your email. It will ask you to enter your tracking ID, insert the tracking ID, and click track now. It will show you the status of your package and keep you updated about your package status via email.

You can also send an email to TCS from your email app. Enter the tracking ID in the subject line and you will be notified regarding your TCS tracking information.

It will display complete information from pick up date and time to delivery date and time. It will also show either your package is on its way to be delivered or in customs. TCS probably takes up to 5 working days to deliver a package.

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2. TCS Tracking by Mobile Number

The other option to track a TCS package is tracking by mobile number. There are two ways to track a TCS package using your mobile number. You can either get TCS tracking information by SMS or by calling the TCS helpline.

Open your mobile SMS app and enter the TCS tracking ID and send it to +923332177168 and you will get a message from TCS containing all information regarding your package. You can only send one tracking number per message. If you want to track your order via call, you can call on +9221111123156 this number at TCS helpline and get your tracking information from the customer care representative.


These were the ways to help you in tracking your package. TCS has introduced a tracking service to let the customer keep tracking their packages. If you want your TCS tracking information you have to insert the tracking number either on their website or by messaging on the TCS helpline. It becomes easier to send parcels to your friends across Pakistan when you can track the status of your package.

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