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Dubai Security Jobs – a guide for everyone

As the largest city in the UAE, Dubai is the hub for a lot of opportunities, including employment. Dubai acts as the regional headquarters of the UAE alongside the supply chain of the biggest multinational businesses in the world. It because of this point and multiple more that Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the focal points of investment from all over the world. Companies have built their regional officers in Dubai for the ease of businesses. With all the development Dubai is exposed to, of course, there is a need for better security protocols and therefore, the security industry happens to be another thriving industry in Dubai. Having that said, this article will focus on everything you need to know about Dubai security jobs; what do they look for, how can you get one and various more pointers.

So, before we get into the details of how can you get the jobs, let’s look into some background.

What are the regulations for Dubai Security Jobs?

Dubai Security Jobs

Dubai security jobs are no joke. In 2001, the government of Abu Dhabi made some important changes to the security sector. They announced what’s called PSBD – Private Security Business Department. At the same time, DPS, which stands for Dubai Protective System was introduced by Dubai. While the policies of both the departments remain unchanged, what changed are their names. DPS was changed to SIRA, which stands for Security Industry Regulatory Authority, whereas PSBD was changed to PSCOD, which stands for Privates Security Companies Organization Department.

When working as a security guard in the UAE, one needs to keep in mind that it requires more professionalism than required by any other area in the present in the region. This is primarily because Dubai security jobs pay a lot more than what officers in Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar earn. The demand for security jobs in Dubai is high. Citizens from developing countries of Africa and Asia focus on landing jobs in the UAE. However, just like any other job, companies require officials who have prior experience in the same industry. In case you do not have the experience, there are still some important tips you can focus on to work as a security officer in Dubai.

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Before you step out and look for Dubai security jobs, you need to know what the position requires. There are two types of candidates:

  1. Candidates outside of UAE
  2. Candidates in UAE

Whether you are from the UAE or not, the tactics are similar for getting a job in Dubai. Here are the detailed points you need to keep in mind.

Steps needed to follow to become a security officer in Dubai

Before you look into Dubai security jobs, you need to make sure that you meet the mandatory requirements and criteria. Failure to do so will not get you successful on the application.


Security jobs in Dubai and UAE are at entry levels, and such jobs require the candidate to have passed high school. A high school degree or diploma is a must. However, if you want to have an edge on your application, you can always take a higher level of education, such as a diploma in criminal justice.


Of course every job requires different skill sets. With respect to being a security guard in Dubai, the following skills will get you a long way:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Critical and fast thinking
  • Being mindful towards customers and public
  • Knowledge of security and public safety
  • Being well-aware of the regulations and laws of the area
  • Independent and group worker

Physical and Mental Fitness

This one goes without saying, being fitness is the utmost important thing about security guards.

  • Height for male: 5’6 feel
  • Height for female: 5’2
  • Weight for males: more than 50 kg
  • Weight for females: 40 kg
  • Strong and physically fit to perform walking and standing duties
  • Does not have any mental issues or disorders
  • Age: 21 to 45 years


Anyone with a misdemeanor and felony conviction or record will not be allowed to apply for the security job positions advertised in Dubai. These felonies also include violations of law or treason. At the same time, anyone with a criminal record outside of the UAE will not be eligible to apply either. Police in the UAE do thorough background checks, so your safest bet will be not to lie or apply if you have a criminal record.


Just like every job, work experiences play a huge role in your probability to get the job. Experiences in security jobs also play a vital role. They prepare you for the challenges of the job and act as an added bonus when applying for other places. Most of the companies in Dubai look for 2 years of experience as security in Dubai. This experience can come in the form of working as a security officer for an organization or being a part of law enforcement, police, or military. If you do not have the experience, the recommended choice for you is to acquire a little more educational knowledge as we mentioned earlier.

Additional step you need to keep in mind:

Document verification is an important step when it comes to applying for a security job in Dubai. The ministry of the foreign affair (if applying from abroad) and the exam control officer will verify your education documents. Speaking of documents, providing prior proof of your experience in security is essential. You need to provide an experience letter proving your 2 years of experience. To become a security guard in Dubai, training is an important part and for that, you need to attain certification. For any security-related course that you may have taken, you need to provide the certificate of it during your application.

Finding the right security job in Dubai can be a difficult task which may take a lot of time as well. However, once you find the right option, things get really easy and you will definitely enjoy your job.

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