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Scout Browser: Monitoring your Child’s Mobile Screen

The use of smartphones is rapidly increasing due to its need. In the past decade, the growth and production of smartphones have astonishingly increased. This is the product used by the people of every country. Not only adults, but children are also found having their personal smartphones. Smartphones are not limited to communication purpose as it contains many features of entertainment. A large number of children are affected by these cell phones as they have open access to the internet. If we see the children of the 90s, we come to know that they saw the real face of childhood entertainment due to no mobile phones. Playgrounds are empty as the electronic game has taken their place. Hence, parents are also worried about their children’s activities performed on mobile phones.

Indeed, the mobile phone has saved time and effort due to its wireless communication feature and small size. The availability of the internet with very cheap packages makes it like a computer as you can perform quick actions on the internet through your mobile phone. Furthermore, parents can easily talk to their children anytime to know about their health and their location and this is only due to mobile phones.

With the help of WIFI, anybody can find the desired information from anywhere in the world. Depending upon the society, its users use it for the positive as well as a negative purpose. Modern children insist their parents get them a smartphone. Parents after buying them cell phones, keep on worrying about their children’s activities and the chance of its negative usage.

Keeping in view the above issues faced by parents, a company of England has launched a new browser through which parents can monitor the activities performed by their children in their absence. Moreover, with the help of this software, parents can control the smartphones of their children.

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This browser is named “Scout”, prepared by a famous company in London. The same company has launched Monaqi naming cell phone for children, last year. Scout browsers can be used on the same cell phone. Scout contains a safe search option through which every information over the internet can be obtained except the unwanted and inappropriate stuff/info.

This cell phone made for children will contain a chip. With the help of that chip, parents can see the screen of their children’s cell phone whenever they want. They will be able to monitor the screen and whenever needed, they can blur the screen of their child’s cell phone.

Most importantly, the parents will be able to perform the above operations in real-time. This software is solely made for this purpose and will be used for the betterment of the children.

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