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Understanding Internet Signs on Your Mobile Phone

WIFI is used to connect mobiles and other devices to the internet. This is indeed a great invention of IT. In case of no WIFI, you can also connect your mobile device to the internet through mobile internet. Mobile networks provide internet services to their customers on different rates depending on speed and data. There are some places in Pakistan where you get weak internet coverage due to many reasons like no population, hilly areas, and villages with a few users of mobile networks. Sometimes, in cities, you will see a weak internet connection due to some reason.

The internet strength is shown on your mobile phone adjacent to signals (vary from mobile to mobile). There are various signs that can tell us about the strength of the internet. Those signs are E, H, H+, 3G or 4G, etc. One must aware of these signs to know the speed of your internet on your device. It happens to everyone when someone goes to someplace where there is a very slow or no internet. You can see G on your signals at that time. That G means GPRS, considered as the second generation in the world of internet with downloading speed of 53 KB per second and uploading speed of 28 KB per second (this is the maximum speed). This shows that it has a very slow speed and your internet is not going to work.

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You must have observed that even when you have 3G/4G in your town/area, you sometimes see E on your signals. When you have E, you can hardly receive messages but cannot watch videos on YouTube/Facebook. You cannot send or receive video. This E means edge. It is considered as 2.5 G or pre 3G as 3G came after that. Its downloading speed is 220 approx. KB per second and uploading speed is 120 KBps. Its speed is only enough to receive/send messages.

Sometimes you see 3G on your screen. This shows the basis 3G first introduced in Pakistan in 2014. Its download speed is 384 KB per second and upload speed is 128 KB per second. It fulfills your basic need like making video calls and basic internet usage.

After 3G, there comes H sign on our device. H stands for high speed. It has great uploading (3.2 MB per second) and downloading (7.2 MB per second) speed. You can easily watch videos on YouTube and do browsing without any wait.

After H, there is H+ technology comes. Most of the users get H+ on their mobiles in various cities of Pakistan. Its download speed is 16 to 160 MB per second and upload speed is around 15 MB per second. This technology was considered as best before the arrival of 4G due to its high speed.

4G has conquered all previous technologies as it brought speed into the 4th generation. Its speed is very high as its download speed is around 1 GB per second and upload speed is around 500 MB. ZONG users are already enjoying 4G as ZONG is the only provider of 4G in Pakistan.

One must know about the signs showing up on your signals for the knowledge purpose. Tell your friends and family members for their information.

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