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Enjoy Free Internet with ZONG

Looking for free internet with Zong? You are at the right place. The Internet is known as a network of networks as it makes everything accessible to you without any problem. Life has become easy after easy access to the internet and one cannot easily do all the tasks without it. To connect to the internet, you require a network connection. Different internet service providers are available in the country at different rates depending on their packages. Mobile networks also provide internet services at different rates.

Smart devices come with WIFI connection through which you can access the internet with any deduction. If you use mobile data to access the internet, you have to have a package or balance in your smart device. Mobile phone internet packages are not affordable to everyone especially to students who have no source of income. On the other hand, it is required by the student to do their assignments in the routine. Sometimes, it is required to send emails and to talk on WhatsApp, etc. but all required an internet connection.

For the people who don’t afford to pay for their mobile internet package, this article will help. In this article, we will tell you a way to access the internet from your device for free without any balance and package.

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This can only happen if you have a ZONG sim. The best thing is you will have unlimited access to the internet through this. Please follow the below steps to have it:

  • Go to the settings on your android phone.
  • Go the ‘More connection settings’ and click on Mobile Networks.
  • Then click on Access point Names. You will see two options i.e. Zong internet and zongmms.
  • On the top tab, you will see the ADD button available. Click on that button and a new panel will open in front of you.
  • You will see different options like Name, APN, Proxy, etc. Enter any name of your choice. You can add your own name as well.
  • In the APN tab, write Zong internet and click ok.
  • Now the next important step is setting the proxy. Open proxy and write and click the Ok button.
  • Go down and you will see Port option. Open it and write 80. Click Ok
  • After performing the above steps, click on the More button located on the top bar. Upon clicking More, you will see Save and Discard options. Click on the Save button. You will see the newly added name on the list. Select it and close the menu. Your internet will go off and then automatically on.
  • Now, in order to test the internet, open the browser from your mobile and open any link. You will see the internet running very fast for free. Utilize the internet in a positive way and benefit from it without any package and mobile balance. Enjoy the free internet for free and tell your friends about this trick.

Thank you

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