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Earning Money from TopBuzz

As the social website and video channels have grabbed the attention of the modern world, different people created their channels on YouTube. On the basis of different ideas, people make videos and upload them. It has been seen that most of the people started this work due to less job opportunities. The modern world offers you different ways of earning to manage your expenses and needs.

Among different ways of earning, online earning is considered as the easiest way to earn money as you can perform your job by staying at home or anywhere. Everyone wants to earn maximum money by working online by using their mobile or computer but, some people often avoid performing such kind of jobs due to fake job providers.

The issue is you cannot easily trace the person how is providing an online job to you in case they refuse to pay you for your work after you finish it. That’s why people go for a verified and well-known website for this purpose. YouTube has set many restrictions and steps to take you to the earning step. Most of the YouTubers are familiar with those issues.

This article will be helpful for those Youtubers who have been working hard to achieve their target but the issues like fewer subscribers, watch time or channel under review persist. Sometimes, the new policies of YouTube create hurdles in taking their channel to the earning level.

Earning Money from TopBuzz

If you are using YouTube for earning but failed, we will tell you about a website similar to YouTube that is very old, and people are earning from it. Like YouTube, you can upload pictures and videos on that website as this website is 100% trustable. If you put the same efforts as YouTube on that website, you can earn up to 300-400 dollars in a month. The link to access that website is TopBuzz. The hard work you are doing on YouTube, if you do the same on this website will make you earn more.

Most of the people are familiar with this website but if not, this website is similar to YouTube but there is no copyright issue here. All you need to do is create your channel on that website and start your work. You can sign up with Facebook, Twitter, Google, or email. After signing up, and creating your account, your channel will be created automatically. Now we are telling you how to earn money from this website in the form of steps.

Step by Step Process

  • After the successful creation of an account, open the main page.
  • On the right top of the screen, you will see your picture. When you click on that, a menu will open with different options.
  • Select the Creator Studio option from the menu and a dashboard similar to YouTube will open on your screen. You will see different options like followers, Average CTR, clicks, and earnings. Below, you will see your uploaded videos.
  • You can publish different things on this website like:
  • Upload and publish videos on this website. You can publish only the URL of the videos.
  • Pictures and albums can also be uploaded.
  • You can upload GIFs.
  • You can also upload articles on this TopBuzz.
  • On the left menu, you will see the New Post option. Click on that and you will have four options i.e. video, article, GIF, and album. Click on the desired option and you will see the File Upload button on the screen. In the case of video, you have to choose a file from your computer, and in the case of online video, you have to paste a URL.

After performing your desired task, you need to click on the Submit button. When you submit on that button, it will load for a while and details of the video will show on the page.

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Click on the publish button and the video will be showed and published on your page. Likes and comments can also be seen in your videos.

To check the status of your channel, click on the analytics option located on the left menu. You will see clicks, Average CTR, shares and saved. Furthermore, you can also see subscriptions.

Click on the earnings tab to see your earnings. You will have three tabs i.e. Earning, Withdraw Earnings, and Earning Settings. You can see date-wise earnings, weekly and monthly earnings on this page. One can also set up your earning method. You can withdraw a minimum of 100 dollars with the help of PayPal or a bank account.

Before start thinking of earning money from TopBuzz, we recommend you going through its policies first. This website also has some rules but not stricter than YouTube. You can also make people join this website. More people watch your videos result in more earning. So, if you are free or have expertise in articles or videos, start your work on this website. Goodluck.

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